Field Trips and Excursions

Excursion 1: Sat 10/09/2022 (pre-conference)

Erzberg (max. 24 participants)

(F. Melcher, R. Galler)

participation fee: 60 EUR* 

Iron ore has been mined at the “Steirischer Erzberg” for more than 1300 years. Today, VA Erzberg produces about 3 million tonnes of siderite concentrate annually. The metallogenetic evolution of this giant ore system continues to be a matter of debate. During the excursion, we will visit key outcrops in the active mine area to discuss the evolution of the mineralization in the framework of the regional geology of the Erzberg.


Excursion 2: Sat 10/09/2022 (pre-conference)

Aflenzer Bürgeralm Panorama Road - A spectacular section through the rocks of the Triassic at the southern rim of the Mürzalpen nappe (max. 30 participants)

(G. Bryda)

participation fee: 40 EUR*

The one-day excursion will start in the stratigraphically youngest parts of the Noric nappe, leading along the panorama road to the Aflenzer Bürgeralm and afterwards to the Schönleitenhaus. Following an introduction to the regional geology and tectonics of the area, the rocks at the southern edge of the juvavic Mürzalpen nappe, which are best exposed along the Panoramastraße, will be presented. The focus will be set on the facies and stratigraphic position of these rocks, as well as the temporal-spatial development of their depositional environment in the forefront of the Triassic carbonate platforms.


Excursion 3: Tue 13/09/2022 (afternoon)

Styromag Magnesite (Oberdorf) (max. 24 participants)

(P. Kroissenbrunner, H. Mali)

participation fee: 40 EUR*

The Upper Austroalpine nappe system of Austria hosts several magnesite deposits of the Veitsch type of which seven deposits are still in mining operation. Metasomatic deposits of the Veitsch type are hosted by Palaeozoic carbonates, form coarsely crystalline stratiform lenses, layers, and irregular bodies. All of them are overprinted by Alpine metamorphism. Pinolitic magnesite structure, several generations of dolomite and secondary talc formation are some characteristics of these deposits. The excursion will visit one of the deposits mined by Styromag GmbH at Oberdorf, Wald or Hohentauern which are hosted by the Carboniferous Veitsch nappe of the Austroalpine Veitsch-Silbersberg nappe system.


Excursion 4: Wed 14/09/2022 (post-conference)

Spodumene (Lithium) Project Wolfsberg (max. 30 participants)

(T. Unterweissacher, H. Mali)

participation fee: 60 EUR*

European Lithium´s Wolfsberg Project is targeting spodumene-bearing pegmatites within the Koralpe-Wölz nappe system. The company successfully completed a positive pre-feasibility study (PFS) in Q2 2018. The PFS was based only on current measured and indicated resources of 6.3 Mt at 1.17% Li2O. Additional exploration work within the framework of a detailed feasibility study revealed the available resources more realistically. The excursion participants will have the possibility to visit the underground exploration adit as well as the core shed within the city of Wolfsberg.


*participation fee to be paid at the bus prior to departure. An invoice will be issued upon receipt.